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This blog site comes to life, late January 2020. As a person working in the visual arts, this site represents an opportunity, a means of expression I’ve had on my mind for some time. Photos, paintings, graphic design, these are my creative passions and have been so over the course of my professional life. I will comment here on examples of work you will see on my website, georgedelanyart. Subjects will change, mediums will change, themes will change, I will exhibit and comment on this work as days unfold trying to keep up with seasons, holidays, special circumstances and my own callings and concerns…here in the still-vexing 21st century. I look forward to undertaking this journey. I invite you to come along for the experience. Each Friday I will be composing new blog content about a particular work…and posting it, below. Contact me about any work of interest you see noted– I will be pleased to respond, asap.

George Delany, Artist

“When the air is warm and the earth is sweet
and the good clean dirt is on our feet…
the circle comes around complete…
and the end…is the beginning.”
From Gordon Bok’s “Apples in the Basket

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