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Winter Wall Decor: Snowy Lane 1

Snowy Lane #1

WELCOME. Consider an otherwise ordinary snow storm. Where I live, snow storms are often…not that big a deal. We live near the Atlantic, our weather is moderated. But in a bad storm, power lines may go down, electricity off. We dread this. Have you ever lived without power? No fun. Then, neighbors are at some distance to one another, in this case, isolated. But we make the effort to check on each other. Here, I visited my neighbor, herself in her 90’s, a tough farm girl who still shovels the path to her barn, herself. Just to see if she had adequate food, water, pharmacy…I ventured up there. We talked. She did– she was OK. Getting up to her place in deep snow can be an ordeal.

On the way up to visit her, I snapped this picture of snow in her lane that winter day. See this image on your wall now at George Delany Art. Use the Augmented Reality feature to get a real view of this image…on your wall. Below is a simple visualization of this image in, say, a living room.

Snow as Art, “Snowy Lane #1”

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