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Winter Wall Decor Orange Marker in Snow

Orange Marker in Snow

Long ago we lived in Quebec Province, Canada. That first winter, almost 200 inches of snow fell, a record for the century. As art, as a visual feast, it was up here that snow really sank in on me as…well, fascinating, unto itself. We spent serious time each day shoveling…just to keep our car on the road and snow off the roof. We used to walk in the middle of the night down to the railroad tracks just to see the big Canadian Pacific freight train come barreling thru town, it’s huge blade spewing snow out 30 yards on each side of the engine as it roared through. Snow was a way of life, then.

Here, in a winter snow, in a field of white all that separates you and your car from a concrete abutment and stone wall is this little fluorescent orange marker. See this image on your wall now at George Delany Art.

Pixelated Images: If you like pixelations as I do, you may prefer a pixelated version of this image, seen here. I am offering pixelated images throughout this website to those who may have an interest. I used them for years in commercial design– with great effect and always with a certain excitement.

Don’t forget, you can test this image right here on such walls as your living room, bedroom, dining room, conference room and more. You can also use AUGMENTED REALITY to imagine this image on your own walls, an exciting new feature.

Haiku to Markers in Snow
I am lost in snow
Risk of injury or worse
Is high, thank you

Orange Marker in Snow

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