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Winter Wall Decor Snowy Blue Spruce Pixelated

Snowy Spruce Pixelated

Snowy Spruce” Am most pleased to present my first ever pixelated art image on my blog. I hope to present many more. I first fell in love with pixels during the 1980s when most professionals in the advertising and marketing worlds were warning us to “watch out for jaggies, very unprofessional.” I used pixelated images in a number of commercial graphic design assignments…to considerable acclaim. I just loved the effect then, and I do now, if you can get the grid and scale right. This is a fine photo of our Blue Spruce in winter. I offer as an alternative a more conventional image of this Blue Spruce, one that is NOT pixelated.

Haiku to Pixels
Pixels float in and
Out, creating, dismantl’ing
What is fleeting here

Snowy Spruce Pixelated

But here, the pixels seem to lift the image out of the more ordinary. You get a sense of the ice and season, also the color, without actually seeing the original continuous tone color photo. So– it’s not for everyone, but if you like pixels, this print is available at George Delany Art. Let me know what you think. Winter bears down on us, today, the wind is significant though the temperature isn’t too bad, more winter to come. I am glad to present some ‘winter wall decor‘ possibilities with the hope you might find one interesting, and that if you do, it will live well in August. < grin >

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