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Winter Wall Decor Cell Phone Life #2

Cell-Phone Life #2” Here as the long Winter Drearies arrive, I’m posting a break from “Winter Art” ideas– here is presented one of a series of small, painted studies I did a few years back, a series in acrylic paint I call, “Cell Phone Life.” Each is a look at a person caught in a solitary moment…save for the preoccupation with the device held up next to the individual’s ear, the cell phone. This is among the most elegant of the images done in the series, this one in bright colors…in contrast to the colors of the times. We all know these moments. Who does she talk to? What is the call about? Is it even connected? What makes this moment so important? Is it, really? Who cares? I have been preoccupied with this theme since the arrival of the flip phone…knowing full well as we all do that the technology has only gotten more powerful…it shows no sign of slowing down, whatsoever. Anyway, I regard whoever she is as a friend of mine, perhaps she is talking to me! Oh, yeah. Now, we’re getting somewhere.

“A woman warm, a woman kind
A woman who knows her own sweet mind
A woman who knows just what’s behind
The things that she’s forgiven…”

From Gordon Bok’s, “Apples in a Basket

Cell Phone Life #2

Check out the possibilities for your walls. Two new exciting features. In the first, you can test the size, materials and suitable walls as you’ll see toward the bottom of the page. The second is a nifty Augmented Reality feature that allows you (using Safari) to visualize the painting at scale on your OWN WALL. No doubt this tech will become even better in months ahead…but very convincing, even now. For those who like pixilated images, here is the pixilated version. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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