Blog 5 February 21, 2020

Pell Bridge in Winter

Pell Bridge in Winter” …happened one winter day when I realized that the Ocean State, Rhode Island, is characterized by a number of iconographic images, one of which is the distinctive Pell Bridge…so I painted this little study in acrylic on masonite, a winter version of it. The original study is only 7″ x 5″ from which all prints are made. If you’ve driven to Newport, Rhode Island from the south, you have likely shot across the transitional highway from Route 95 North, then across Jamestown, into Aquidneck Island, home to Newport– and you have taken this bridge. Here, I have deliberately used some brush and some knife strokes to carve into Narragansett Bay for the purpose of imparting a wintery, blustery, frozen look. Below, you see the image of the Pell Bridge as it might appear in a corporate reception area…or bedroom.

Print, “Pell Bridge in Winter” Reception Area
Pell Bridge in Winter” Art Print

Give a try: Check out possibilities for your walls. Two new exciting features. In the first, you can test the size, materials and suitable walls as you’ll see toward the bottom of the page. The second is a nifty Augmented Reality feature that allows you (using Safari) to visualize the painting at scale on your OWN WALL. No doubt this tech will become even better in months ahead…but very convincing, even now. For those who like pixilated images, here is the pixilated version. Marching Toward March!

Haiku to Pell Bridge
Winter is here, now
Cold comes and cold goes, this view
Will soon bring forth…spring

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