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Winter Wall Decor Slush Foot in Winter

Slush Foot in Winter Wall Decor

Slowly getting word out!

I am experimenting with snow and ice as subjects for…wall decor, art in winter. Here above, is another example– my walk home was a bit of a mess, this day, as recorded by my iPhone. For those unchanged by pixilations, this image is available in pixelated form, also. The ordinary…is a subject of fascination for me, in this case, ordinary snow and ice on the street below. Who stops to consider slush? And yet, here it is, visually arresting, the expression of a testy time of year, winter…after which will come the signs and signals of beautiful spring.

At the end of winter, 2020, I will post a variety of such Snow & Ice wall-art images any one of which you may wish to consider in thinking about new work, acquisitions for the new year, 2020.

Slush Foot in Winter by George Delany

More offerings in this style…coming, though frankly, we have not had a whole lot of snow this season. We’ll see what happens in the next month. You have been generous in your support and enthusiasm for my work and postings, thank you all very much, and have a great wintery week. Think about some new wall decor in the new year, 2020, starting right here!

Don’t forget two new important features you may wish to experiment with: a) the Wall Review tool seen lower right on each selection page. This allows you to visualize (as seen above) your selection in YOUR specifications in a given room, a proposed context b) The Augmented Reality tool which utilizes your iPhone or Android device and Safari Browser to imagine your selection on YOUR WALL. This technology is coming along quickly, my view.

Haiku to February
Cold, heat, both acute
This time of year, exercise
Is short, belly wide

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