Blog 8 March 13, 2020

Winter Wall Art “New Providence Skyline”

Profile of New Providence Skyline , Oil on Canvas

A law firm in Providence, Rhode Island wanted a little something to hang in its lobby…a suitable, inspiring image of the city. I got a call from friends who run a design firm in Providence, RI…”Would you be interested?” they inquired. I said sure most enthusiastically, and the rest is history. After thinking about the assignment for a little while, I decided to begin by creating a photo essay on the city skyline as seen from Prospect Street Park, up on Congdon Street in the neighborhood of the city’s East Side.
This was helpful. I taped together a bunch of sequential print-outs of photos taken…until I got a configuration I thought would lend itself to a painted story of the “New Providence Skyline,” as I came to think of it.

Artist developing image, works outdoors

After this photo essay was completed, I realized there were buildings seen in the photo composite the architecture of which I could not clearly make out and did not entirely understand. Exactly how these buildings existed in space was something of a puzzle. So I took a couple of trips to this City I know well, walked the streets and sketched these structures so that I could grasp how this eventual cityscape would flow, together. Sketches, done in pencil, were helpful in coming to understand what the final image might encompass. These sketches formed the basis of a unified composition stretching from south to north as seen from the perspective of Prospect Park, high above.

New Providence Skyline, the final version hung on location.

While painting, over the period of several months, I set up a video-camera and took a time-lapse video of the experience, day-by-day. Setting the aperture at one frame every thirty seconds (or something like this), I got as a result a pretty nice video that took some considerable editing time but does capture the creative experience of actually doing the painting. You are invited to check out this assignment. I look upon the entire experience including the making of this video recording, fondly.

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