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Spring Wall Art “Star Spangled Banner”

Star-Spangled Banner Hangs at Local Fire Station #3

We voted at the local fire station, lately. I looked up, what did I see? One of my posters framed exotically and hanging on the wall, there it is! This poster was the first of a series I designed and produced in the aftermath of 9.11.01, my “Who We Are,” series of which this is clearly the Star-Spangled Banner. At voting time, I had an engaging somewhat jocular interaction with the monitors, what with my asking whether they needed any DNA material, any biometric proof that I am who I say I am. The folks were very agreeable, they gave me my voting ticket, and it all worked out well. Love the local firemen at Station 3 who have been here in a heartbeat on at least one occasion over the years. Here is to you, Firemen at Station 3! Thanks for your dedication and service, most especially in these testy times.

Star Spangled Banner from the “Who We Are Collection” available at the Americana section of George Delany Art

The American flag you see here hung outside this home on 9.11.01. I had it photographed and incorporated the flag image into the design of the entire Who We are series of offset lithographic posters, at the time. After I produced the series, I found myself thinking back to Boy Scout days and I realized that protocol would have me NOT add any image of any kind directly over the live area of the flag. Too late. The series was designed and produced and being sold and distributed, on-line. These posters have been sold to many kinds of buyers, to teachers, to military, to parents for their children, as gifts on Patriotic holidays. This has been gratifying. Thanks to all who have supported my efforts going back some years, now.

Star-Spangled Banner framed and installed, part of the series of Americana Art Posters at George Delany Art

Here, under the title, “Americana Art Posters,” I offer a variety of digitally printed versions of the original design. You may order within parameters to specifications of your own preference, size, materials, framing. I am glad to have created this entire collection. In addition to finding their way into many personal collections, the series in its entirety won a Gold Award from Graphis Poster Annual Magazine some years ago, and was later admitted to the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. In a time of national trial, I am glad to write this post, today.

I invite you to explore all sections of George Delany Art, prints of InstagramsPhotosDrawingsPaintings and Americana PostersNot to overlook, give a try two neat features on my art site. The first– the WALL PREVIEW capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different wall settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things. Secondly, the LIVE Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall. Pretty exciting stuff.

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