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Spring Wall ArtChrist & the Folks

Christ & the Folks, from George Delany Art

Easter 2020, what an odd and trying time…all over the world it is. Between the virus, the toll it takes, our collapsed economy, and anxiety about our Nation, we’ve got plenty to bring to the Almighty, this year. Some years ago, I did a series of black-and-white wash sketches featuring messages of the day as if they showed up in someone’s personal eMail. This was my eMail marketing period. Above, you see one wash sketch typical of the series. I intend to feature many in the series as this blog unfolds. But as Easter Day approaches, when so many are disjointed, dislocated, in grief, or a state of anxiety, I think the message of Jesus is one worthy of the cultural slow-down, the economic retreat, the mandatory put-on-the-brakes…that every one of us is currently experiencing in one way or the other.

Lessons in Mercy, Forgiveness, Love that come to us thru the ages in a particular Book are as profound and mysterious now as they were at the time they were noted and gathered. In this time, we learn to our amazement that data, trends, fashions, science, fact, evidence, gossip, innuendo, fake news….even money and career, nothing seems quite as important now as was so only two months ago. This little illustration, folks gathered together listening to the teachings of Christ…seems entirely right for the time. Welcome to “Christ and the Folks.”

Even the fellow on his cell phone calling someone about something (we know not whom)…presumably, the presence of Jesus in their midst, suggests the kind of daily freneticism we lived out daily until only a few weeks ago. Easter Blessings to you and yours, 2020, offered in the spirit that yes, we are all in this together, and yes, there are certain teachings that come to us as we are willing to try to understand them, lessons of which would hold promise to supersede almost everything else life offers up. Christ is risen.

“Christ and the Folks”, from George Delany Art

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Here, just before Easter, the center-story in the history of Western Civilization for over 2000 years, we stand in admiration, respect and gratitude for the many Americans who selflessly remain on-the-job, helping to shepherd all of us thru this virus pandemic. First responders, health care professionals, firemen and women, truckers, trash pick-up guys, cashiers, all those whose contributions buoy us up and inspire us, right now. Thank you, all.

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