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Spring Wall ArtSpring Daffodil

Spring Daffodil,” from George Delany Art

This could be my favorite time of year. Winter winds down, spring arrives, slooooly in brutal April when it is cold and rainy much of the time. Tonight we are due to get snow, a week after Easter. But there are those glorious days when you know that the world is unfolding, and here it is, in the form of a splendid, new Spring Daffodil.

Our spirits are severely tested this year, aren’t they? The virus, the close-down, the sequester, the quarantine, the bank account, the country’s health and condition, our collective long-term debt, geopolitics, the environment….should I continue? Then, we’ve had some very bad storms, lately, trees down, power out. People need a break, we need a break, I need a break. I work in the garden, daily. We go for walks. We’re counting our blessings especially earnestly, this year. We know the virus isn’t going to magically go away. It is here for the long term, not at all good if you are in my risk pool. And then, there is geopolitics. What is really going on? I surely don’t know. But I know the wrens are busy every day, the honeybees are in the birdbath when the temp hits 50 and the sun is out, the family of Cardinals are perched on our porch in a new nest, as the momma cardinal sits on her eggs. What can be better than…these signs of spring?

Here is my first little experimental ChantVideo, more to follow…

“Spring Daffodil,” in the bedroom, from George Delany Art

As you may consider this selection please experiment with how a work might appear on various wall surfaces and in settings such as a living room, bed room, conference room, or sitting room. Also consider a variety of mediums, materials, sizes and finishes, all very handy. You see in this instance the selection horizontally formatted, in a proposed bedroom– just one feature when buying spring wall decor from this site.

Here, at the close of the week following Easter, we continue to stand in admiration, respect and gratitude for the many Americans who selflessly remain on-the-job, helping to shepherd all of us thru this virus pandemic. First responders, health care professionals, firemen and women, truckers, trash pick-up guys, cashiers, all those whose contributions buoy us up and inspire us, right now. Thank you, all.

We’re still very much sequestered, many of us now, isolated, hunkering down. Why not ake this opportunity to explore all sections of George Delany Art, prints of various visual themes; InstagramsPhotosDrawingsPaintings and Americana PostersLet me mention, try two neat features on George Delany Art: The first– WALL Review, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. Secondly, the L I V E Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall. Pretty exciting stuff.

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