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Summer Wall DecorFrances & Tractor

This post celebrates my neighbor, Frances, on the occasion of her 98th birthday, this week. I will give her this photo as a birthday gift on this wonderful occasion.

Frances & Tractor,” can be seen at George Delany Art

You are looking at a most remarkable woman. Her farm, which she tends to this day, got her family thru the Great Depression. When she turned 80 years old, she and her brother celebrated by purchasing 2 heifers, two very amply sized Herefords. She climbed the ladder each week to the hayloft to fork down a week’s worth of hay for these animals, by herself, until well into her eighties.

This is the order process, typical of my site, “Frances & Her Tractor,” from George Delany Art

These days she is slowing down a bit, but she remains sharp as a tack and still gets in her truck, drives up to the north lot, hoes a few rows of strawberries or beans, drives home and has a piece of cake and cup of tea. I take a special satisfaction in showing you this work, and this person.

Frances & Tractor,” photo by George Delany

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This is my “business advice,” for the week– Do we honor our elders? Do you honor yours? What ever happened to “Don’t trust anyone over 30?” Thank goodness! In this case, you are looking at a woman who has seen, heard and done a great deal in her hard-working, authentic, productive and relentless life. I can only stand in admiration. Thank you, Frances.

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