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Summer Art, “American Revival” Graphic Print

Today is a day unlike any other in our lives, in my life. We recall, most of us, exactly what we were doing and where…on this day in 2001. Here is the best antidote to the tragedy that marked that day when so many were deliberately targeted, and so many more worked to save all who were in peril. No “Thank you for your service,” is really adequate, is it? But to come together as a country, to revive our institutions, to carry on in the traditions our forefathers would have supported, this strikes me as an excellent response. “American Revival” is one of a series that was undertaken after the tragic events of this day, all those years ago.

American Revival,” posted September 11, 2020

The original series was titled, “Who We Are,” and attempted to capture our heritage in a manner that would guide and inspire us into the future based on the ideals for which our forefathers and mothers were willing to die, and did. That first series won a Gold Award from Graphis Poster Annual. Later, the collection was accepted in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. These image utilized the American flag that flew outside this house, at the time. The Star-Spangled Banner was the first verse among seven I selected to make the point.

American Revival,” print from the Americana Poster Collection, George Delany Art…featuring the Star-Spangled Banner verse

Today is a solemn day.  We stop, we remember. We recall. We pray. We give thanks. We seek comfort. We ask for redemption. We are our brothers & sisters keepers, are we not? I invite you here on a memorable September day… amidst the pandemic, economic trial and uncertainty, national politics, geopolitical tensions and national forbearance to reflect, and if the spirit should move you, to buy an art print… apropos of the occasion— (have you ever purchased an art print?), to investigate GeorgeDelanyArt try two neat features on my site you may enjoy:

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This is my “business advice,” for the week– Business advice is not really in order, this week, or this day. We take a step back, we remember an event so grotesque that conjuring up the event and recalling the details of the day, the moments, the horrors that unfolded remain a challenge, even now. I have no interest in replaying it, really. But I do have an interest in honoring our police, fire, medical, first responders, and all those who in the face of evil ran toward that which called them to assist, even save the lives of others and extinguish the chaos, rather than away. My own “therapy” after a sort included a commitment to try to use my graphic skills to lift us into the future based on the ideals held by those who struggled at the outset of our Nation’s birth to bring into being for the first time in human history a government in which the government itself was subordinate to the will of the people. The older I get, the more profound is this idea. Here we are, still, pulling together, many of us, to help form “a more perfect union.” Connecting our beginnings to the horrors of 9.11.01 makes perfect sense, to me.

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