Blog 38 Oct. 20, 2020

Fall Wall Decor, “One Beautiful Sunflower

Last week, I pulled out of the soil the last of the tall Sunflowers, this year. Wind storms had damaged many– the flush of fall bees on Sunflowers didn’t really happen this year. But this image reminds me of how gloriously beautiful this whole scene with bees and Sunflowers is.

Honey Bee Bumble Dance,” from George Delany Art

Here is another look at an interior that uses this image to display the Sunflower Bee Dance.

Small, home business? Reflections on a glorious summer, right here, from George Delany Art

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This is my “business advice,” for the week– The season has passed. Many months will come and go until this kind of image is recreated. And yet, we are inclined, are we not, to hold on to those images that sustain us. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this sort of imagery, this glorious Sunflower plant is one that captures some essence of ‘the life force’ in action. Through the cold months, the seasons just ahead, I will hold it in my memory. It sustains me. This is new, and I am so glad the bees have brought this to my attention. Hold on to those glorious images that sustain, I like this idea a whole lot.

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