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Fall Wall Art,First Amendment

Once upon a time, in a land faraway, I awoke one morning to read the morning headlines in ultra-bold, two-inch type, “Civil Liberties Suspended.” The lesson was not lost on me.

Do you know your First Amendment? Do you know the Five Freedoms? Are your Five Freedoms safe, secure, free from being squashed, dampened, rewritten, edited or trashed– by anyone or anything? What is it that tells you– in this new society — ruled more and more by forces we don’t understand all that well…such as our new tech oligarchy, which (if you heard the Senate testimony, yesterday, we are at last beginning to understand) your Freedoms are actually safe, secure and protected? What happens if you wake up one day and your fundamental freedoms are….well, just gone, as mine were on that morning? Deleted? Do you know for sure that you, your family, your groups, your colleagues, are NOT in the algorithm included in their new, still-developing “Network Analysis?” No, you do not. I do not, we do not.

Your Five Freedoms, known as First Amendment, do you know them?

I think of graphic design as art, an art form. Here is an example. Typography, color, form to express an idea, simply presented. This is one of a series from my Americana Collection, first undertaken after the grotesquely tragic events of 9.11.01. I am glad to have undertaken this series. The first series in this collection, “Who We Are,” characterized by seven such graphic works, was given a Gold citation by Graphis Poster Annual, and later accepted in full to the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. When you think about gifts this year, the unusual, the meaningful, perhaps something less commercial than is the norm, here you are.

Image of Poster, “First Amendment” from George Delany Art

This poster, and others in my collection, suggest there is plenty of work to do…by every American Citizen over the days, months, years just ahead. Starting right now. If you like the idea that our tech-leaders now are coming to control your access to information, thought, concepts, language, all at large scale, not just individual, but societal maybe its time to consider some new thought, new consideration. Before dismissing what I write, let’s continue to watch, listen, act where we can. In these very trying times, let’s see in the months and years ahead our creative energies find their way in the direction of protecting and building “a more perfect union“.

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This is my “business advice,” for the week– Let’s give our pet notions such as our comforts…some thought. We talk about the importance of our “comfort zones,” as though comfort was written into the Declaration of Independence. It was not. Our own lives, and the lives of our children and grandchildren may, as was true for our Forefathers, be linked to the degree to which we are committed to what which we find most uncomfortable in the name and spirit of doing the best we can, what is right. Thru difference of opinion, difference in perspective, difference in philosophy…that we come together in the spirit of our common and heritage to preserve and build upon our common ideals. Our comfort zones may not be the friends we have long thought so correct as to be a conventional wisdom. In my world, if I’m comfortable, something is not quite right. Comfort is rarely my conscious choice. But then, I’m Irish– at least in large part. < lol > Comfort suggests my life is not being well spent. Time to get uncomfortable and work to preserve our Five Freedoms.

Here is another blog post from my art site…you may find of interest; also, a link to a short promotional Chant video.

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