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Fall Wall Decor,Preamble” to US Constitution

I suppose it is still a cliche to mention, “We the People.” Old hat, elementary school stuff. Many more “issues” have bubbled up to occupy our daily consciousness, right? I don’t agree. I don’t think at this moment in history We the People is cliche at all. In fact, the very idea may be more important now than at any time since our founding. Our undergirding ideas are under attack, many believe. I am one of them. So I am willing to stew at great length at what the notion of forming “a more perfect Union” is to mean.

“Preamble” to US Constitution, by George Delany

Above you can see the hypothetical example of how this graphic print might appear on the wall of a small or home business. Patriotic colors, but muted, neither a loud blue or red, but muted. This poster is but one from my Americana Poster Collection first undertaken after the attack of 9.11.01, years ago. I am so glad to have taken this journey in the interceding years.

“Preamble” graphic design from George Delany Art

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This is my “business advice,” for the week– In a sense, the Preamble to the US Constitution describes the role of government in its most elemental terms. This document has guided and survived since our founding. The inherent idea of building a more perfect union was designed in my view to move this early society away from slavery and out into the clear light of day, the sun, over time. In this sense, it has been successful. The Preamble stands as a monument not to our sins of commission or omission but to the extent to which we have over 200 plus years made great progress. No, I don’t hang my hat on the progress. After this past summer, we all know that living into our potential, into our ideal, has a gravity about it that we have not witnessed in some decades. It is time to pay attention, and to keep the progress going. Personally, I am not a fan of “identity politics,” but of creating as much opportunity for all citizens…out of our prosperity…as we can muster; brains, talents, skills, traits, the capacity to contribute. Rewarding people, punishing people, based on skin color is a caustic, cancerous idea. Let us continue our efforts, one person at a time, one by one, two by two, to “secure the benefits of Liberty” for all our citizens. Let us not relent. The hour has an urgency built into it. Perhaps as this year ends, we commit to meeting this Urgency in the New Year.

Here is another blog post from my art site…you may find of interest; also, a link to a short promotional Chant video.

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