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Winter Wall ArtOcean Drive Original

One of my favorite stretches of highway anywhere…is that spot along Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island, where you at one point round a curve and find yourself facing for as far as the eye can see, the sea on one hand and the monumental ocean sky blanketing the whole vista. Here is the scene I have tried to capture in “Ocean Drive, Newport RI Original.”

In the conference room “Ocean Drive Original” a Newport, Rhode Island scene

Painted from a photo I snapped, I admit to having driven this route dozens if not hundreds of times over many years. The original painting measures 60″ x 40″. It is available as a limited edition print, also. Note, each limited edition print comes at a fixed size, 24″ x 18.” I will sign the print for you if you should wish.

A small business setting, “Ocean Drive Original,” oil-on-canvas, by George Delany

Have you ever purchased a graphic print? Maybe this year, instead of just another commercial gadget, you might consider a different kind of gift, an art print. These are all done using high-quality materials– pigments, papers and framing materials. I invite you to visit this site again here early in the New Year 2021. I will make every effort to complete your order in a timely manner, despite COVID-related production “issues.”

Check out two unusual features on my art site: The first– WALL Preview, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. 

Secondly, the Live Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall…in your setting. Pretty exciting stuff.

Check out the several categories of original art and prints on my site; Instagram pixphotospaintingsillustrationslimited editionsoriginal painted works and Americana posters.

This is my “business advice,” for the week: Sometimes…you’ve seen something a dozen times, a hundred times, when all of a sudden, for reasons that may or may not be apparent, you see something new in the familiar for the first time. This is in my experience —often an exhilarating one. Is it not so in business, also? Most of my original paintings fall into this realm, now that I think about it a bit. Something new…born from the all-too-familiar. We could use a dose of this, now, don’t you think?

Here is another blog post from my art site…

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