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Spring Wall DecorMy Big-Boy 1

Love these rooster images, I confess. They harken back to great times around this property when 25 or so chickens had free-range and added so much to the character of the place. This guy lived a long life. He was King of the Coop for quite awhile before one of his sons, having plotted and schemed to take over the coop one day…did just that. He threw the old man out in the Vinca garden by himself…a lifelong demotion. Brutal, life in the coop. Brutal. But while Big Boy (“Roscoe”) held forth, he was a large presence in the coop and earned his title and his keep.

Big Boy 1” from my rooster assortment

Here is another of our fine roosters, below, himself a character. Like many of our roosters, he had his aggressive moments…especially when defending his hens. He came at me any number of times, with that big claw outstretched as far as it would go. Never hurt me, but he tried. I’d generally swoop him to one side and kick him back a few feet. Once, my young son dressed up in his hockey outfit with stick to go out to the coop to take on the rooster…such was their reputation. They were smart animals, often on the look-out for dogs, raccoons, hawks and Coyotes. One year, I lost my magnificent Rhode Island Red rooster to a Coyote. That rooster was a gorgeous animal. When at 5:00 pm I returned from the Post Office all that remained were a pile of golden feathers. I could have chased that Coyote into the woods with a shot-gun if I’d had a gun…so upset was I. So these Roosters live in my head with a regal, a noble, a handsome, beautiful stature.

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My “business advice,” for the week: This week, I’m discriminating in favor of the male. So cool! Imagine that. Am happy to present a couple of rooster images reflective of the many chickens we raised over many years. There were occasions when we had in our flock, several roosters. What a party! The competitive crowing began each morning at about 4:30. But truth is, a small flock of chickens needs only one rooster to “service” the entire flock. Yes, the young cockerel has it made. Celebrate!

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