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Summer Art Executive VP HR Takes InfoDip

Don’t you just love the idea of HR as the subject of wall art? Gives me a chuckle just to think about it. Here is a summer art print, “Executive VP HR Takes InfoDip,” that is among my most pointed, humorous of works to date, IMHO. These are the people who go crazy collecting data on everyone. These are the people who run the “Performance Review” exercises, among the most disingenuous of creative endeavors I know anything about– and I can speak from experience if you wish. These are the people who enforce political correctness, the antithesis of a purposeful, creative life. These are the people who track “conformity” to corporate dogma, or lack of it. These are the people who want you to believe you are a resource for the company, an invaluable one, until you’re not. Here, the Executive Vice President of HR is venturing into the waves on a hot summer day, topless of all things, carrying her laptop so as to review or gather new data while swimming– a preposterous, 21st century scene that looks so believable, doesn’t it? She has my entire dossier right there on her laptop…in the waves! < grin > I’m not worried. She’ll check in with the attorneys before distributing the final performance review evaluations— sure, right? And then everyone will rest, assured justice and fairness have been done. We have a bit of a history, together. Amen.

Beach art, July 2021, data-gathering at beach, “Executive VP HR Takes Info Dip” by George Delany

Below, the same image, Executive VP HR Takes Info Dip,” hangs over a dining table in the corporate cafeteria so all can see the art during tonight’s meeting and cocktail hour. Pass the wine and crackers! An excellent occasion to celebrate an absurd commentary on data-gathering during a summer outing, one I had some fun in painting, I confess..

Dining setting, “Executive VP HR Takes Info Dip

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“Business Advice” for day: Mid-summer arrives in soggy fashion. Gardens have received so much water in the past week, time to drain under July sun! Honey-bees need a break, too. Pollen is soaked! A year ago, we were entering into a 8-10 week drought…this year, we’re deluged! What to do? Doesn’t the problem always seem to be the same? No matter what comes at us, we have to accept this, and then make something good out of it, effect some positive outcome…if humanly possible. While the skies pour buckets, this is an easy sentiment to express. But turning it into an effective action remains a challenge. So I am posting this blog in the spirit of patience while moving forward. I am trying to clean up some unfinished business EVEN WHILE I undertake another sketch in a new series, just now taking shape, never been done, before! I have no idea what I’ll get, but the promise-factor is high, and I am pursuing it. Exciting! This is one antidote for a soggy spell, a soggy day, and a soggy attitude…I can feel it getting better, already! What are you doing on these rainy days, post-pandemic?

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