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Fall Wall DecorSlush Foot in Winter

Slush Foot in Winter,” was taken after a wet walk in the cold. I was nearly home, weather was deteriorating. Street surface was still visible but only thru snowy tire tracks. It was quickly disappearing. The photo captures something interesting about the months just ahead– the uncertainty of so much of life, winter life, in particular.

Slush Foot in Winter,” from my Photo Prints collection

Below, see the same image with a different wall color, different context– a business environment. The whole image hangs together to make a statement about a moment in winter. What is happening? What will happen? What is behind? What is ahead? What is coming down from the sky? How much further? I have grown to like this photo. The gradients of gray tone are interesting, tones run from the almost pure white to the almost pure black. For those interested in this print, “Slush Foot in Winter,” pixilated, I have a nice image available for sale. Tones pixilated are especially appealing to one’s eye. Contact me, if interested in seeing this image.

In another setting, “Slush Foot in Winter,” by George Delany

Question for you: Have you ever purchased a graphic print? Maybe right now, late in fall. Instead of just another commercial gadget, you might consider a different kind of gift, an art print. Remember, too, the gift-giving season is here, now– still a little time to plan and shop to avoid back-logs, shortages and supply-chain concerns– but not much. Slowdowns are expected. Product availability is not a certainty. Off-shore container ships are still backed-up, we are led to believe. So order your art prints now— ahead of last-minute rush and frustrations.

Prints are all produced using high-quality materials– pigments, papers and framing materials. I invite you to visit often, as the year moves toward a new beginning in 2022. Buy a print every now and again, one that moves you.  In our post-pandemic period, what better way to celebrate than…with a fall, almost-winter art print…perhaps even a gift to a friend or relative. 

Two unusual and decidedly helpful features on my art site: The first– WALL Preview, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. Secondly, the Live Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall…in your setting. Pretty exciting stuff, an under-appreciated feature.

Check out several categories of original art and prints on my site; Instagram pixphotospaintingsillustrationslimited editionsoriginal painted works and Americana posters.

“Business Advice” for day: I’m shy on business advice, these days, exhausted by the plight of our debt, risks to our nation, troubles and bumps in the economy, and political divisions that in many regards we ought to be able to dissolve in the name of common good and destiny, but cannot. But this is ADVENT. We wait. We are patient. We are hopeful. We believe in the myths that hold our society together, among them, the story of Christmas and the witnesses of the New Testament. We withstand ridicule by those who claim to know what is best for all of us while cancelling us out– at the same time. It is all infuriating, in a moment. And yet, Advent, the story of Hope, is here, and many of us make every effort to live in this spirit. My “Business Advice,” such as it is, is to live in the spirit of Hope…we can identify and hold on to, right now.

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I extend a special thanks for your interest and support of my work. Let’s carry on!

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