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Winter Art “Honey! …W A T ?”

Happy Valentine’s Day! One day late. But here is one in a series of sketches on Valentine’s Day I completed using oil crayons on warm paper, in anticipation of this wonderful holiday. You can see the selection here on Instagram— but there are no prints available yet. Today, I will be experimenting with a NEW FORMAT, a NEW MATERIAL on which to print these images, very exciting. So if you have an interest in such a print of this image, or any other, I expect to be able to offer them, shortly. Contact me, please.

Oil crayon sketch on warm paper, “Honey! …W A T ?

In honor of the reported fact that most if not all who attended the Super Bowl stood up for the beautiful singing of America the Beautiful and Star-Spangled Banner, and with the recognition of President’s Day coming up early next week, here is my version of the print. This print utilizes a flag that hung outside this home on 9.11.01. It served as the basis for the design of seven original such posters I created to help bring some sense of recovery after the event. I called the series at the time, the “Who We Are Collection.” Still works for me. You can see this assortment on my Americana Posters gallery, here. The Star-Spangled Banner poster remains the most popular of the series over the years. God Bless America stands as a close second.

America the Beautiful” from my Americana Poster Gallery

Question for you: Have you ever purchased a graphic print? An art print? Maybe right now, on the cusp of President’s Day– instead of just another commercial gadget, you might consider a different kind of gift, an art print. Lift someone’s spirits! Giving art, giving prints can be a joyful experience! When I give a print, it most assuredly is a joyful experience– most especially on a special occasion such as President’s day.

Prints are all produced using high-quality materials– pigments, papers and framing materials. I invite you to visit often, as the new year moves into mid- February. Buy a print every now and again, one that moves you. In our ongoing pandemic period, what better way to celebrate than…with a winter art print…a lighthouse print, perhaps, or a poster with a patriotic theme, a gift to a friend or relative. 

Two unusual and decidedly helpful features on my art site: The first– WALL Preview, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. Secondly, the Live Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall…in your setting. Pretty exciting stuff, an under-appreciated feature.

Check out several categories of original art and prints on my site; Instagram pixphotospaintingsillustrationslimited editionsoriginal painted works and Americana posters.

“Business Advice” for day: The world seems very much a “locked-and-loaded” place, these days. Russia and the Ukraine. North Korea threatening everyone in range, the weird, #genocidegames in Beijing, Canada struggling to hold on to its basic freedoms, weird American politics, a straining economy, masks and mask mandates on our children, fear of COVID, so much to pay attention to. In business, one works to see things work out. One does everything possible to ensure success. Now is the time for each of us in small ways to work toward the success of our Nation…and not just our Nation.  So here is to your efforts to work toward success, and to mine. With Valentine’s Day in the rear-view mirror and President’s Day coming up, we have a context to help move us along, do we not? Happy President’s Day, America.

I am running something of a Flash Sale, beginning, today. If you wish to purchase one of these prints or any from my site, you can get 20% off your first print, starting today–Then, you may find my new NFT art interesting, seen here on Rarible. I will be offering new NFTs of original art as this year unfolds. Some videos of creative work are now on YouTube. Find a mixed-bag on Soundcloud. And, lastly, check out some art blogs also in SOUND on Anchor. Build your print collection this year. You can see all this on

A special thanks for your interest and support of my work.

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