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Spring Art PrintBannister’s Wharf Art Print

Sold a couple of these prints, lately, surprise! Thank you for your support— you know who you are. Amidst war news, economic news, environmental news, political news, gender news, and the whole barrage, I am comforted to know people find uplift and solace in a simple print, in this case, of the Newport, Rhode Island waterfront. Here is “Bannister’s Wharf Art Print.” I remember doing this little work, a study in acrylic paint on a masonite board, small scale, 7″ x 5″ brought to life via the miraculous means of digital technology. It was late in the day. I peeled into Newport, found my way to the parking lot right near this spot. It was as if the view of this particular image lay right in front of me while I was in the car, gazing out. There was the painted image! Sometimes these moments happen, don’t they. It is as though the image drew me to the moment, rather than the other way around. I am glad to present this image here.

Bannister’s Wharf Art Print,” by George Delany

Then, to understand how this image might look on a wall, any wall, or your wall, here is a supporting image. Seen in this largely gray environment, with highlights in white and deep brown and black tones, the colorful image stands off the wall with a certain zest if I don’t say so, itself. Bear in mind, you can customize your materials, add a matte, frame and select a hanging method when you order this image, right from this art website. Very handy. Other such painted images can be seen in my Paints Print Gallery. You can get 20% off the price during this present Spring Special when you sign-up with an email address, easy as pie.

Bannister’s Wharf Art Print,” painted by George Delany

Question for you: Have you ever purchased a single graphic print? An art print? A photo print? Maybe right now, here as this lush month of June unfolds – instead of just another commercial gadget, you might consider a different kind of gift, an art print. Or, how about a Honey-Bee print? Or, a golf print? Lift someone’s spirits! Giving art, to give prints can be a joyful experience…even in trying times… such as now. When I give a print, it is most assuredly a joyful experience! In these testy, tumultuous times, think about giving an original print this Spring Season

Prints are all produced using high-quality materials– pigments, papers and framing materials. I invite you to visit often, as the new year moves toward summer. Buy a print every now and again, one that moves you. As the Pandemic seems for the moment to have wound down (we hear rumblings…) what better way to celebrate than with a spring art print, a lighthouse print, perhaps, or a poster with a patriotic theme, or a Honey-Bee print, or golf print…not bad gift choices for a friend or relative!

Customize your selection. Two unusual and decidedly helpful features on my art site: The first– WALL Preview, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. Secondly, the Live Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall…in your setting. Pretty exciting stuff, an under-appreciated feature.

Check out several categories of original art and prints on my site; Instagram pixphotospaintingsillustrationslimited editionsoriginal painted works and Americana posters.

“Can I brand my Americana posters?” To the question, “Can you brand my posters?” the answer is decidedly, yes. Yes, I can brand these posters for you – contact me with questions. In short, your logo can be added at a discrete size to the lower right corner of each poster. I will show you a proof prior to production. #brandednonprofits is the hashtag I will incorporate to try to identify this program, on-line. 

Exhibit Page, New! Thank you for your steadfast, enthusiastic support of my new Exhibit page, designed to show off to best advantage how examples of my original images appear when matted, framed and hung on the wall! I have added new examples every now and again and will continue to expand this feature of my site in months, just ahead.

“Business Advice” for day: Drenching rains by night and day have eased the long dry spell we’ve had over quite a stretch. Anything green now is growing so quickly and easily, it is a lush time of year. I am preoccupied cutting grass, raking, adding mulch between the rows in my garden, keeping weeds at bay. Am still looking for my first snake of the season, have not seen, yet! The Nekoosa Dogwood is in full bloom, peak season. The Mock-Orange is just past peak, and her blossoms are among the most beautifully scintillating of the entire Spring experience. We don’t like to see the Mock-Orange season pass us by. We’d like to hold on to it for just another week or two. But Spring melds into summer. The little momma wren sits on her bird-house for a split second before entering her abode to check on her babies, and then she quickly departs only to dart away into the bush. My wildflower garden of last year, without much tending on my part, has completely come back this year and is prolific with new buds coming along, many of them a spanky, chrome-yellow in color. I have no explanation for this. Day Lilies are up next. They are shooting toward the sky, buds still in their development phase. In short, in business as in life, so much of what transpires has no adequate explanation. Moments pass us by as if with their own intent, their own velocity, their own life, leaving us only to curse or marvel at what results. No cursing this week, it is all one big, lush, beautiful marvel.

You may find my new NFT art of interest (“Non-fungible tokens”), seen here on Rarible. More to come, a new collection in development as this is written, one that will focus on a series of recent studies in oil-crayons completed since last summer. Look for it, soon.

Have some creative fun building your print collection this year. Try a new Americana Poster print purchase…this Spring, in time for July 4. And do see my new promotional video on Youtube! In this season of chicks and chickens, take a look! 

Contact points are all viewable on A special thanks for your interest and support of my effort.

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