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Thanksgiving prints in que…”Dorset Vermont Fall”

One minute, summer reigns, next minute, fall/winter months arrive brought on by changing temperatures, diminishing light, the end of garden season, winter birds arriving, and Thanksgiving. This photo, “Dorset Vermont Fall,” I snapped while on a fall walk-thru of downtown Dorset, Vermont. It was a spontaneous moment, but the image lives well, I have found. The image seems to capture this very season, so I am posting it as a Thanksgiving print idea. Other fall print suggestions you can see here in my Photo Prints Gallery.

Below is a sample that demonstrates how this particular image may appear against a wall in any condo, apartment, home or office. Note the neutral wall colors chosen to set forth the image as prominently as possible, which it does, very effectively. Added props that make the image especially appealing just now, include the pumpkins in the lower left and right corners.

Question for you: For any occasion, have you ever purchased a single, original, graphic print? An art print? A photo print? Probably not. Most haven’t, in my view. Maybe right now, here, as December is nearly upon us – instead of just another commercial gadget, you might consider a different kind of gift, an art print. Or, how about a Honey-Bee print? Or, a golf printA lighthouse print? Lift someone’s spirits! Giving art, to give a print can be a joyful experience…even in trying times… such as now. When I give a print, it is most often a joyful experience! In these testy, tumultuous times, think about giving an original print especially in light of the holiday season arriving rapidly upon us.

Materials: Prints are all produced using high-quality materials; pigments, papers and framing materials. I invite you to visit often, as this November season moves toward the end of the year, 2022. What better way to celebrate upcoming holidays than by planning early, and getting a gift or two out of the way…by purchasing perhaps a lighthouse print, or a poster with a patriotic theme, or a Honey-Bee print, or golf print…unique gift choices for a friend or relative, perhaps even…a Veteran.

Customize your selection. Two unusual and decidedly helpful features on my art site include: The first– WALL Preview, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. Secondly, the Live Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall…in your setting. Pretty exciting stuff, an under-appreciated feature. Then, you can choose your size, your material, your matte, your frame and your hanging hardware…right from my site, right here…a simple proposition. Your selected print will arrive ready to hang.

Americana Posters: Of these poster prints many of which were designed in the aftermath of 9.11.01, you may ask, “Can I brand my Americana posters?” To this question, the answer is decidedly, yesYes, I can brand these posters for you – contact me with questions. In short, your logo can be added at a discrete size to the lower right corner of each poster. I will show you a proof prior to production, one you can approve in every detail. #brandednonprofits, #brandedposters, #americanaposters and #brandedcorporateposters are hashtags I will incorporate to identify this program, on-line. Good anytime of year.  

Exhibit Page, New! Thank you for your steadfast, enthusiastic support of my Exhibit page, designed to show off examples of my original George Delany Art images as they might appear when matted, framed and hung on a wall.

“Business Advice” for day: The mid-term elections are over, the anticipated confusion, disappointment, relief, combination of responses has come and gone, and now we are left to begin the next two years of Presidential political pandemonium even as the new Congress will not meet until early January…in the customary fashion. As Thanksgiving Day is now in the cue to be celebrated next week, we have a wonderful opportunity to stand back, wind down, take a deep breath, look back upon this year; to count our blessings, to give thanks, and to include those not so fortunate in our Thanksgiving celebration. It is all a wonderful annual ritual, isn’t it?

Build your collection? Have you had some creative fun building your print collection this year? Not too late, with holidays upon us, try a new Americana Poster print purchase. And do see my promotional video on Youtube! Like art about chickens? Don’t overlook… chicks and chickens – if you’re ready for some authentic Chicken art! Now is just the time to order your holiday prints, sure to be received as the unique, unusual images they are. Take advantage of my Pre-Christmas sale, currently available. 20% off first print…with your email sign-up.

Contact points are all viewable on A special thanks for your interest and support of my effort.

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