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Spring Art, “Up on the Farm

Guilty! Yes, it’s true. This image, a detail from a large oil-on-canvas, expresses a work that is NOT YET posted to my art website, but it’s coming. The arrival of Spring gives me a good opportunity to get caught up. So I will be adding these images to my Paint Prints Gallery, and perhaps to my Limited Editions Gallery, before too long.

Up on the Farm,” is a painting that is among my most cherished, because it attempts to capture a place nearby I regard as sacred. My neighbor, now 100 years old, has spent her entire life on this property. It has seen her and her families through the Great Depression of the last Century, and every day, since. I have photos of her hoeing her precious corn and tomato fields, also her beautiful Gladiola garden. Over the years, she has left on our doorstep fresh asparagus, fresh tomatoes, fresh strawberries, fresh corn. She has given us potatoes from her own potato patch. Once, we camped on her land, setting up a family tent way up in the north lot as the sun went down, only to be awakened by her arrival in the morning, bringing to our tent fresh scrambled eggs and bacon. We, all 5 of us, sat outside the tent and had a beautiful breakfast as the sun rose. In any event, here is the view one might have expected to see from our tent site on that occasion. I hope you like it. Look for print availability, soon.

I present a sequence of images designed to convey to you some of the fine points, sub-themes if you will, in this painting. These details lead you to an image at the bottom that expresses the entire work.

Here is a second detail that approximates the view from our tent that morning with more precision than the image at the top. Note the grassy lane created by tractors, pick-up trucks, and people walking to-and-fro on their way to the farm house in the distance. Small squares are but interpretations of pixels, the ubiquitous icon of our time, one I have been incorporating into various works over recent decades.

And above, note this detail that captures the cornfield, the cat, and the electronic device perched on a small table to keep track of all the “farm data” available in this planting season. Oh, yes!

And just above is the image that expresses the entire painting, “Up on the Farm.” Once again, I will be posting prints available…in the near future.

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“Business Advice” for day: In business, as in life, one has to prepare for tough times, one has to secure the hatches, trim the sails– use any image you like. Some say, if you’re not prepared for tough times you’re not prepared for good times. Now, the economy though touted as glorious from our friends who occupy positions of power in high places, is shaky at best, companies are laying off, debts are rising, money in circulation is obscene given declining numbers of workers in the workforce, the Fed now raising rates at a rapid pace, inflation still a persistent problem– who among us that owns a small business or offers any sort of product or service to the market is not aware that all is not right in our own house. I don’t need to offer any advice, here. We know it in our bones, don’t we?

Contact points are all viewable on A special thanks for your interest and support of my effort. Here, in Spring, may you find yourself raking, washing windows, burning brush, tending animals, seeding grass, turning over the compost pile, planting spring seeds, preparing for a glorious season just ahead.

George Delany, Artist

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