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Spring Wall Prints:One Brilliant Easter Daffodil

Friends, I took this quick photo below, a week ago, a testament to the season unfolding in front of our very eyes. This year seems to be a ‘Daffodil Year,’ as family members have noticed. They are brilliant. You can see the image of the print I suggest should you be in the humor to add a lovely Spring image to your print collection. Check out “One Brilliant Easter Daffodil.

Around here, we are frantically trimming, cutting, raking in advance of the grass coming into season and leaves blossoming fully as Spring settles in. We have some time to complete these tasks, but not much. Every day buds are a bit more observable, the entire natural world coming out of the long winter season, waking up, ushering forth. So we are on the tasks, each day. You can see more spring images, spring print selections, here.

Question for you: For any occasion, have you ever purchased a single, original, graphic print? An art print? A photo print? Probably not. Most haven’t, in my view. Maybe right now, here, in early Spring, – instead of just another commercial gadget, you might consider a different kind of gift, an art print. Or, should you be in the humor for a very different sort of image, how about a Honey-Bee print? Or, a golf print? A lighthouse print? As we move quickly toward April, most especially, lift someone’s spirits! Giving art, to give a print can be a joyful experience…even in trying times… such as now. When I give a print, it is most often a joyful experience. In these testy, tumultuous times, think about giving an original print. You’ll be glad you did.

Above, another sure sign of Spring, one of my favorite Rooster paintings, “My Big Boy 1,” an image painted in acrylic on a cedar shingle, one that remembers one of our glorious roosters of some years ago. These boys were a real presence on this property, their hens included. Fresh eggs, every day, this time of year. What a delight. See other chicken and Spring images, here.

Materials: Prints are all produced using high-quality materials; pigments, papers and framing materials. I invite you to visit often now, as seed catalogs arrive in the mail, auguring in an exciting season, just ahead. What better way to celebrate this spring season than…by purchasing a lighthouse print, or a poster with a patriotic theme, or a Honey-Bee print, or golf print…unique gift choices for any friend or relative, perhaps…a Veteran?

Customize your selection. Two unusual and decidedly helpful features on my art site include: The first– WALL Preview, a capability that visualizes your art selection in your specifications as seen in different settings; living room, bedroom, sitting room, conference room, these sorts of things, as referenced, above. Secondly, the Live Augmented Reality feature that allows you to see your chosen art work on YOUR wall…in your setting. Pretty exciting stuff, an under-appreciated feature. Then, you can choose your size, your material, your matte, your frame and your hanging hardware…right from my site, right here…a simple proposition. Your selected print will arrive ready to hang.

Americana Posters: Of these poster prints many of which were designed in the aftermath of 9.11.01, you may ask, “Can I brand my Americana posters?” To this question, the answer is decidedly, yes. Yes, I can brand these posters for you – contact me with questions. In short, your logo can be added at a discrete size to the lower right corner of each poster. I will show you a proof prior to production, one you can approve in every detail. This will accord you an opportunity to see your logo in position, at scale, on your print. #brandednonprofits, #brandedposters, #americanaposters and #brandedcorporateposters are hashtags I will incorporate to identify this program, on-line. Good anytime of year.

Exhibit Page: Thank you for your steadfast, enthusiastic support of my Exhibit page, introduced in early 2022, designed to show off examples of original George Delany Art images as they might appear when matted, framed and hung on a particular wall.

Build your print collection? Have some creative fun building your print collection this year! Try a new Americana Poster print purchase if you have not purchased a print from this Gallery, before. This American Flag series is powerful when a number of posters are hung together in close proximity, as I have discovered at various public print exhibits. Do see my promotional video on Youtube! Do you like art about chicks and chickens? This season, if you’re ready for some authentic Chicken art, check out my available prints. Take advantage of my Spring Sale, currently available. 20% off first print…with your email sign-up!

“Business Advice” for day: In business, as in life, we must live in the present, learn from the past and plan for the future, all at once. Is this a daily exercise? Do parents teach this? Do our schools teach this? Do our towns, cities, practice this? Does our Congress engage in this kind of self-scrutiny, and awareness. I hope so, but I doubt it. One of the aspects of small business I like best is that you wake up every day to consider each of these points, seriously. Then, you and you alone decide how to address questions that arise. You need no ‘consensus.’ You need no ‘majority.’ You need no HR directives. You need no email from your boss. You need no endless meetings and follow-ups. You take on each of these points head-on and as efficiently as you can. After all, there are only 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 more hours remaining in your week. Right? Carry on!

Contact points are all viewable on A special thanks for your interest and support of my effort. As May comes at us, may you find yourself planning a garden, cleaning out a garage or shed, cleaning up an animal coop, preparing your garden mower for action, putting in early seeds, cutting Daffodils for the dining room table, or just basking in warm, sunlit, spring air. Thank you all for your curiosity, support and enthusiasm.

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