Blog 55 February 19, 2021

Winter Wall Art, “Slush Foot in Winter” How do you mark the passage of winter? In a pandemic? This year, I note the passage of winter on frequent walks, late in the day. The sun sets at a later time, Robins show up on frozen ground to eek out a dinner, somehow. Small birds seemContinue reading “Blog 55 February 19, 2021”

Blog 3 February 7, 2020

Winter Wall Decor “Snowy Blue Spruce Pixelated“ “Snowy Spruce” Am most pleased to present my first ever pixelated art image on my blog. I hope to present many more. I first fell in love with pixels during the 1980s when most professionals in the advertising and marketing worlds were warning us to “watch out forContinue reading “Blog 3 February 7, 2020”

Blog 2 January 31, 2020

Winter Wall Decor “Orange Marker in Snow “ Long ago we lived in Quebec Province, Canada. That first winter, almost 200 inches of snow fell, a record for the century. As art, as a visual feast, it was up here that snow really sank in on me as…well, fascinating, unto itself. We spent serious timeContinue reading “Blog 2 January 31, 2020”