Blog 72 June 21, 2021

“No question, I’d consider hanging this print, “Honeysuckle Wall,” over my bed! Somehow, it suggests the richness of life, the succor, the abundance, mystery, and beauty…in one simple image.”

Blog 55 February 19, 2021

Winter Wall Art, “Slush Foot in Winter” How do you mark the passage of winter? In a pandemic? This year, I note the passage of winter on frequent walks, late in the day. The sun sets at a later time, Robins show up on frozen ground to eek out a dinner, somehow. Small birds seemContinue reading “Blog 55 February 19, 2021”

Blog 3 February 7, 2020

Winter Wall Decor “Snowy Blue Spruce Pixelated“ “Snowy Spruce” Am most pleased to present my first ever pixelated art image on my blog. I hope to present many more. I first fell in love with pixels during the 1980s when most professionals in the advertising and marketing worlds were warning us to “watch out forContinue reading “Blog 3 February 7, 2020”